The Ties That Bind


Romance Beckons awarded me an advanced copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The blurb for this book reeled me in.  The warning from the publisher should have kept me away.  Mind you, the book is captivating.  The characters are complex, the scenes are described in breath-taking detail, so much so that if this were a movie, it’d be up for a cinematography award, and the story moves at a quick pace.  Also true, I have not read other books in the series, so I did feel a bit out of sorts, trying to figure out all the relationships, but it wasn’t too bad for starting at book six.  With patience, I feel like I got to understand most of the backstory.

I enjoy erotica, regardless of the gender of the participants.  That’s important because there are many different gender combinations in various multiples throughout the story.  I’m totally cool with BDSM, though it’s quite heavy here, so be forewarned.  Non-consensual is not really my thing, which was a big issue in this case because so much of the action in The Ties That Bind is non-consensual.  Pony-play, um, absolutely don’t get it, at all.  Again, if it’s your thing, awesome, but it kept me from being able to fully connect with the book.  And, it ends with what is pretty much a cliff-hanger, and that irks me.

So, what does all of this mean for a recommendation?  Definitely heed the publisher’s warning.  This is a DARK novel, with some pretty kinky and fetishy stuff going on, beyond the typical kink and fetish.  Odd to say, I know.  But, it is erotic, too.  And it’s very well written.  It’s not my thing, but if it’s yours, I’d say read this book.  I can honestly recommend it to the right audience.  Four stars out of five.


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  1. cpmandara says:

    ★ Thank you kindly for the review 😉 Made me smile! I can’t see this coming to the big screen anytime soon, though LOL! ★

    Liked by 1 person

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