The Riley Brothers (Buzz,Clang, Swish)

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The Riley Brothers is a sweet m/m series by E. Davies.  Middle brother, Cam, starts us off, in Buzz.  He’s a bit too perfect, which does cause his character to have less depth than I generally prefer.  His health and career situation is gripping, and he’s partially closeted, so there is some drama, but he reacts to all of it too calmly, unrealistically so.  Nonetheless, his relationships with his brothers and with his love interest are deep.  The sizzle is definitely there between Noah and him.

In Clang, the story shifts to focus on oldest brother, Jackson.  He’s talented, out, a bit hot-tempered, but also emotionally withdrawn.  His relationship with Chase is great.  The sexual relationship is hot, and, though there are hints of D/s, it’s so light that non-BDSM readers shouldn’t be offended, and BDSM readers shouldn’t read it hoping for it.  Most of the tension comes from Chase’s backstory and he is a fairly developed character.

Lastly, the focus is on the youngest brother, Thomas, in Swish.  Thomas is closeted, totally, even to his two openly gay brothers.  That is pretty odd, and, though it is explained, the argument isn’t very convincing.  Thomas gets together with Alex, a former boyfriend, and someone who we’ve met in the previous two books.  Their relationship is lovely, and hot.  It’s sweet to see how both of them grow to accept their feelings, though there aren’t many obstacles, and it more softly climbs to the end without any real climax.

These aren’t deep stories, but they’re cute.  The characters are nice guys.  The sex is the strongest element in all of the books, told in a titilating fashion.  The biggest issue is the editing.  There are some awkward sentences, a few incorrect words, but, most troubling, is when the wrong character’s name is used.  This is not something you can just skim over.  It makes it confusing and you have to go back and reread, and figure out who’s actually being discussed.

Taking everything into account, I give the series three out of five stars.


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  1. Whoops, using the wrong character name is a bit glaring! A shame, when the story sounds good.

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    1. Yeah, it is. I read them all because I wanted to see the HEAs, but the lack of editing was more than annoying; it was troubling.

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      1. Yeah, authors have to at least read it back once, at a bare minimum – that would have picked up the names!

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