Nice Guys’ Series (Double Full, Full Disclosure, Full Domain)


I want to begin by telling you, straight-out, I love Kindle Alexander’s work.  She wrote one of the first m/m books I’ve read (Always), and is probably guilty of getting me hooked on the sub-genre.  Confession done.

The Nice Guys series is beautiful in every way.  The MCs are hot.  Their souls might be dirty, but they’re deep in sweetness, too.  The relationships are true to the core. The sex is off the charts!  Humor is found in spades, and there are also tear-worthy parts.  The secondary characters are dimensional.  There is a storyline that runs throughout all three books, but each one is a complete story, with an HEA.  Though you can enter the series at any book, for your enjoyment, start at the beginning.  Alexander does a great job of summarizing the important parts of previous books without it feeling like a summary,so you won’t be lost, but because once you read one, you’ll want to read the others, just save yourself the quandary and start at book one, Double Full.

Double Full is the story of Colton, the football player and Jace, the cheerleader.  They meet in college, the tension builds, they have a wonderful time together, and then Colton blows the whole thing.  As angry as I was at him, I also understood the dilemma he was in; coming out is hard to do when you’re going into professional ball, now, and it was a zillion times worse then.  Plus, families… yeah, the story goes there.  Colton messes up his life in nearly every way, while Jace builds a successful one for himself, at least health-wise and professionally, not really relationship-wise.  The MCs meet up and have to work through a lot of baggage, past and present.  And, there’s evil lurking, enough that it almost makes the HEA not happen, and it’s that evil, and the investigation to stop it, that unites all three books, and gives us each book’s MCs.

Mitch, a bad-boy Deputy US Marshall,  has pledged to find out who’s responsible for the terror we encounter in the first book, and he’s doing just that in Full Disclosure.  He saunters up to Cody, a closeted, clean-cut, Texas State Trooper.  Cody is attracted as hell to Mitch, and is just as determined to not to go with him.  Obviously, they do get together, and it’s explosive.  Warmhearted.  Tension filled.  The evil is still there, it’s infiltrated everywhere, causing doubt about whom to trust, and it again threatens to destroy the chance these two MCs have at their HEA.  Jace and Colton show up in this sequel, and their relationship with Mitch is both funny and tender.  We are introduced to the MCs for book three.

Mitch’s tech-hacking friend, Aaron, and partner, Kreed, are the two MCs of the last book in the series, Full Domain.  They are instantly attracted to one another, and instantly wary at the same time.  Each can see into the other’s soul and each knows that he won’t be able to keep his carefully constructed emotional boundaries and protected personal histories up if he lets the other in, literally and figuratively.  So they fight their attraction, they stay professional, temporary partners, until they can’t fight it anymore.  Watch out!  A side note, at one point in the book, I wondered how these guys could maintain their physiques without ever working out. Sure enough, a bit further on, that is alluded to.  Perfect.  Even once the evil of the first two books is taken down, the story doesn’t end, because the secrets that both Aaron and Kreed have been keeping still have to be dealt with, if they can be.  Mitch, Cody, Colton, and Jace are all present in this last installment as solid secondary characters.

I love this series!  I love all the characters!  I love each HEA.  I think you will, too.  The sex is detailed, so if you shy away from erotica, this is not for you.  It’s m/m, so similar warning.  And Mitch, well, he can be a bit vulgar, as can his T-shirts, so just be prepared.  If you want a story that has a plot line separate from the relationships, but where the relationships are beautiful, deep, and passionate, then this is for you.  This is a strong four and a half stars out of five series.


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