Unsaid (Manhattanites)


I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Somehow, Aster is able to make characters who are both larger-than-life, but realistic. I felt like I knew each one, from the main characters (Miguel and Blake) to the secondary characters, who are, of course, main characters in other books of the Manhattanites series. There was a bit of inconsistency between this book and its prequel, XO, Blake, from the Undergrad Years series, but nothing I wasn’t willing to forgive.

The MC’s relationship is deep in friendship, but also hot as lovers.  Really, a great combination.

When Blake has a very bad break-up of a long-term relationship, his friends devise a sort-of bucket list for him to try to get him back into the dating game.  He trusts only his best friend, Miguel, to help take him through all of the daring, mostly sexual, activities.  Blake doesn’t know that Miguel has been in love with him since college.  Between Blake’s naiveté (both in sex and regarding Miguel’s feelings) and Miguel’s “experience,” it’s bound to be a tension-filled, sweet, yet deeply sexy tale!

Humor ran throughout, making this story both heart-warming and hilarious.

This is m/m, explicit, with very light BDSM only the very conservative would mind.  I definitely recommend!  Four out of five stars.


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