Devoted by Sierra Riley


I love Sierra Riley.  Her stories have depth of emotion, slow build, and then, BAMB, hot, combustible sex.  Who could ask for more?

I also particularly like the straight(ish) to gay trope.  There’s just something about a person discovering an integral part of themselves that makes it sing to me.  And we have that here.  We also have the friends to lovers trope.  Are you allowed to mix tropes?  Seems unfair to do that to a reader, lol!  But, I’ll take it, Riley-delivered.

Anyway, Russ is a wonderful character, so devoted to his son, Ryan, to being able to provide him with everything he needs, including emotional security, in the wake of the tragic and sudden death of Russ’ beloved wife, Carrie.  I could feel how Russ is just treading water, trying to find true pleasure in life again, to basque in the happiness of being a father, to find solid ground.  I wanted to hug him!

And Jake, oh my GAWD, is he hot!  Confident and caring, best friend to Russ and his late wife, “uncle” to Ryan, he’s the spark and the comfort that Russ needs.  When they first get together, he could so easily be damaged emotionally, as all his fantasies are coming true, and he doesn’t understand how, but he takes the risk.  Thank you!!!

Sure, the vehicle’s a bit far-fetched, but the characters are there, solid, the emotion is there, loving and hot, so, not too much to complain about…

Reader should be advised that this is a graphic, erotic m/m romance.  18+

4/5 stars



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