Unconventional by Avery Aster


Avery Aster was kind enough to provide an advanced copy via NetGalley for an honest review.

Let me begin by saying that I love The Manhattanites series. I was thrilled to get a sneak peak at the latest offering. I love the wit, the drama, the over-the-topness, the depth of the relationships. I love how I am witness to the events as they unfold. All of these things make for a great read. And the sex is always fun, too…

But, unfortunately, with Unconventional, all that I love about the rest of the series, was absent. The reader is told about events rather than witnessing them. Many of the emotions are just blah, almost as if we’re reading through a contentment lens, going from one scene to the next, getting filled in on what happened. It’s much shorter than the average Manhattanites book. Maybe that’s why it’s lacking the detail that I crave, and normally receive from the books in this series? The climax isn’t really a climax, and the end is just told to you- it’s all a really limp orgasm, not the bright-lights kind that I’m used to from Avery. And, c’mon, with an m/m/f story, that’s extra disappointing…

With all of that, is it worth reading? The characters are ancillary to the Manhattanites, so it’s not mandatory. The story isn’t bad, it’s just not told the way that I’ve grown to expect. If your typical Manhattanites story is a five star, this is a three. Just read it knowing that it’s not up to the usual level, but it’s decent reading about the indecent.


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