I’m a high school librarian by day, and a reader of smut, usually, by night. I look for intensity in the main characters, for strength of the secondary characters, and for a forward-thrusting plot, pun might have been intended. I pull no punches in my reviews and my blunt language reflects that. I’ll tell you if, in my opinion, a book is worth your time or money. Many of the books I review are courtesy of NetGalley, but some are based off of my own, or my library’s, purchases.

I rate each book on a five star scale.  Fours and fives are definitely recommended reads, threes, consider it, twos and ones… probably not worth your time or money.  We all know we don’t have time or money enough to just piss away, right?  Also, the stars are given per genre.  A five star erotica book is not Hamlet, but it has everything you’d want in erotica, in spades, and at the highest quality.  I think that makes sense.